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Round 1 Entry to Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search
Some projects just come together quickly and beautifully as if they design themselves. This one was not one of them! I struggled for several days to solidify what I wanted to do, did lots of sketches and ditched several designs before it finally started coming together. I think part of the struggle with this project was a mental one and trying not to think about the stiff competition out there. However I just kept reminding myself to not worry about it, be true to my artistic voice and have fun with it. As I've been watching the sneak peeks and final reveals on social media the past few days I have been in awe of the wonderful talent that surrounds me in this contest. I want to congratulate all my fellow artists on making the decision to put themselves out there and for inspiring me along the way.

We were all given a creative brief to design to, and I was very excited when I received it because it was such a fun theme! We were asked to design a piece of wall art with a terrarium theme and containing at least one word. I chose the saying "Beauty is Within" for my piece because I loved the double meaning of the beauty within the glass and looking beyond the surface for the beauty in others. I traditionally do my designs mostly digitally, but I wanted to bring in some painted textures and a few small painted elements to appeal more to the wall art market and give it some added depth. I'm very happy with how it turned out in the end because it truly reflects me and my aesthetic. The top 50 entries moving on to round 2 will be posted August 26th. Best of luck to everyone!


08/18/2014 11:30am

I love your final piece! It is beautiful and the saying is so spot-on for the theme. Congratulations on a successful submission :)

08/18/2014 11:38am

Thank you so much April!


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